Our values

Minimalist is committed to creating products that are:

  • Efficacious
  • Transparent
  • Comprehensive
The products deliver exactly what they claim, while taking into account the needs of the consumers combined along with the scientific & technological advancements.
Whether it is the ingredients of the products, ingredients source, science, packaging & even communication, everything we do breathes Transparency!

Over the years, Skincare industry has evolved a lot and as consumers, we have access to hundreds of brands and thousands of products. While innovations are happening, the industry remains significantly opaque. There is a lot of inaccurate advice & incorrect claims being made by beauty companies which result in fear mongering, misconceptions and eventually consumers making wrong decisions.

Under these conditions, the best we, as consumers, get is 'Hope in a Bottle'.

We want to change this by sharing as much information & knowledge as we can about our products. Every box contains information about what goes in the product, concentration of key ingredients, where are the ingredients sourced from, pH of the product and more. We also clearly state what should users expect from the product and how long it can take to show results.

This allows us to offer 'Promise in a Bottle' and give our users control over what they consume.